Klantenvertellen has a wide network of partners. From sector organisations that offer specific solutions to their members to plugin partners and customers. We are proud of all collaborations. Go directly to one of the pages below to find out with which parties klantenvertellen has established an intensive partnership and who our customers are.


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Klantenvertellen is market leader in the Netherlands and an expert in the field of reviews. We know better than anyone how important online reviews are. We provide all new clients with extensive advice on the strategic use of reviews. Are you convinced of the advantages of our review system and are you interested in becoming a partner? Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Klantenvertellen has collaborations and plugins with various suppliers of webshop software. Look our partner page with which parties we have an intensive cooperation or use the plugin to create a direct link to klantenvertellen.

Bouwnu is an independent comparison website for housing construction. Based on thousands of reviews and information about companies, helps you find a good contractor for your construction project.

Erkende Verhuizers

The Organisatie voor Erkende Verhuizers (Organisation of Recognised Movers) is the branch organisation for the Dutch removal sector.


CBW-erkend home furnishing and bridal fashion shops operate a recognition scheme with 3 securities. This concerns, for example, safe down payment and impartial complaint handling. The CBW-erkend security is only provided by shops affiliated to INretail, the largest trade association for retail-non food.


In close cooperation with klantenvertellen, Advocaatscore has developed a product that is tailored to the legal profession. In the meantime, Advocaatscore has become a household name within the legal profession in the Netherlands.

Appeltern Tuinexperts

An Appeltern Tuinexpert is contemporary, skilled, eager to learn, sincere and passionate. They are a valued and reliable partner for clients, colleague companies and for De Tuinen van Appeltern!


The FNRS is a sector association and represents over 400 horse companies throughout the Netherlands. All equestrian businesses can join, as long as they meet quality, safety and animal welfare standards.


VHG is a trade association for horticulturists.


The Dutch Union of Option Companies (NUVO) is the branch organisation in the optics sector and represents a large part of all opticians’ shops in the Netherlands.

Techniek Nederland

Techniek Nederland is the business association of technical service providers, installation companies and the technical retail trade.

De Betere Schilder

As a quality mark and branch organisation, Kwaliteitsorganisatie De Betere Schilder tries to strengthen the entire sector and assists our members personally with knowledge, training courses, health & safety matters, a ri&e, independent inspections, customer reviews, disputes and discounts.


Decorette helps to realise a dream interior and is a nationwide chain with more than 50 branches and the highest brand awareness in the industry.


If you are looking for a special floor, smoothly falling curtains or surprising window decoration, you have come to the right place at Vivante.


Are you looking for soft carpet, luxurious window decoration or a comfortable floor? Or would you like a stylish combination of window and floor? Then BINNEN is the right place for you.


Quantore has been formed from a large number of cooperative purchasing associations. Quantore takes the purchasing out of the hands of the office specialist retailer.


Option1 is part of allservices. allservices is THE telecom distributor and supports a total of around 500 partners in the field of telecom, smarthome and ICT solutions.


Vakgarage is a brand independent garage formula in the Netherlands.


AutoFirst is a franchise formula for contemporary garages that strive for state-of-the-art applications, top quality and a high level of service.


In a short period of time, GlasGarage has become the car glass specialist in the Netherlands. With more than 90 branches throughout the Netherlands, GlasGarage has the largest network in the industry. offers motorbike companies the possibility to show the reviews of klantenvertellen. also ensures that Motorcycle Stories are visible on the websites of engine manufacturers and provides automatic messages on behalf of engine manufacturers to customers asking them to complete a review.


Carprof is a garage for all car brands, of all ages.