We have implemented various Features for Klantenvertellen users. With these Features we make it extra easy for our customers and the customers of our customers to use, fill out and/or publish Reviews. We currently offer the following modules: Personal Invite link and the Easy Click module. Find additional information about each module below.



Personal Invite Link

Personal Invite link

As the name states, this Feature allows you to send out a personalized invitation. These invitations can be sent through almost all possible communication channels: your mail system, WhatsApp, SMS, Facebook and many other possibilities.

This way, you can reach your customers in the way you prefer.

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Easy Click Module

Easy Click Module

Our Easy Click Module makes it even easier for the customer to leave a review. In the invitation email itself they can directly give a score with one simple click. With this click they choose the score (1-10) that they consider appropriate based on their experience with the company/brand.

This application increases the response rate with an average of 11%.

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